150 Art Hashtags for Artists to Use in Social Media – Maximize Your Reach

ART hashtags

In today’s digital era, social media has become a crucial platform for artists to showcase their work, build a following, and engage with a global audience. One of the most effective tools for increasing the visibility of your art on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is hashtags. Hashtags are words or terms … Read more

The “Rule of Seven” Explains Artist’s Discouragement – Every Artist’s Silent Battle

rule of 7

From painters to writers, musicians to dancers, the journey of creation is often full of-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. But what if there was a rule, a pattern, that could shed light on this phenomenon? That is the “Rule of Seven.” This principle, though not exclusive to the arts, provides a fascinating overview through which … Read more

15 Best Art Galleries in Los Angeles: Top-Rated Locations in 2023

From traditional fine art to the most contemporary pieces, Los Angeles has a vibrant art scene ready to be explored. The city’s diverse art galleries provide endless opportunities for art lovers, collectors, and even casual tourists. This blog post will dive into the 15 best art galleries in LA, offering a unique blend of art … Read more